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It’s another free swatch day at Spoonflower! If you order any design on eco canvas, you’ll get it free, without even having to pay shipping no credit card required. If you get one of my designs, I still get paid for it! It’s one of those nifty ways you can support me without spending any money, and you get something cool. And the awesome thing about this round of free swatches is, it’s canvas, which means you can make cool patches out of it. Sew it onto a bag, make a wallet out of it, the canvas stands up to it. The above are not my only designs, so check out that link above and find something you like for freeeeeee!

Reblog for the morning crew! You have until noon EST.

My friend Gala had a really good idea to buy a swatch of the pizza fabric and cut it into a heart shape. How cute!


Senshi Study Sesh!

This was the piece I submitted to the Meatball Head Sailor Moon art show in LA at Meltdown Comics! The show was this past weekend and was curated by the wonderful Nico Colaleo, who had a bunch of amazing artists in the industry contribute to the show! I heard that it was a blast, and wish I could have been able to make it.

So many thanks to my friends Gyimah, Ben and Scott for helping me out! I have much to learn, but was eager to try something new with environment, perspective, and colours. The colours have been tweaked since, but otherwise the drawing is the same :)

I’ll post some close ups later! Enjoy!


That Boy’s Sharp!

Meet Cory Nieves. The most stylish nine year old you’ve ever seen.

Cory Nieves is running a full-fledged cookie business. He’s the founder and CEO of Mr. Cory’s Cookies, his booming cookie business that he started in an effort to help his mom buy a car after moving from NYC to New Jersey in 2009.

And his GQ-approved sense of style is nothing to be played with! I see you Mr Nieves.


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